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Does the Program accept J-1 and H-1 visa holders?

  • The Program does accept J-1 visa holders.
  • On a very limited basis, the Program may be able to extend an offer to an H-1 visa holder, but only at our primary teaching site


What is the Program’s current ACGME accreditation status?

  1. The Program is fully accredited by the ACGME with no citations.  In fact, the Program has consistently received commendations from the ACGME for its continued compliance with ACGME program and institutional requirements


Does the Program offer in-training exams?

  1. The Program administers the annual ASH and ASCO In-Training Exam at no cost to the fellows.  Our fellows have consistently scored at or above the national norms


What percentage of fellows sit for the ABIM Certifying Exam in Cardiology and what is the rolling pass rate?


  1. 100% of our graduates sit for the ABIM Certifying Exam in Hematology / Oncology.  Our Program boasts a >90% rolling pass rate over five years


Upon graduation, what were the future plans of some of the Program’s graduates?

  1. Over the past five years, our fellows have:

            Entered private practice in California, Florida, Texas, New Jersey

  1. Joined our Program Leadership as Key Faculty Members