Scholarly Activity and Educational Resources

Ultrasound training

  • All fellows are registered with SonoSim every year for a full ultrasound training supplement course with hands-on simulation to improve US procedural skills. Sonosim provides the fellows with trainer ultrasound probes and a personalized self-paced online course which the fellows complete through the course of the year.
  • We have a faculty led yearlong ultrasound course starting from basic ultrasound principles and leading all the way to advanced ultrasound techniques and its use in Pulmonary and Critical care medicine. The fellows also have a monthly ultrasound image review session to discuss interesting images and cases. 

Research Rotation

  • All fellows have dedicated multiple 2 week blocks, spread across the 3 years of training exclusively for the purpose of research. They can choose their own mentor to guide them to develop research questions and carry out studies and publish through the three years of training.

 Here are some of the research products from the past 3 years

 Publications and presentations in International conferences:

  1. Pulmonary arterial dilation with normal pulmonary artery pressure in sarcoidosis. J Family Med Prim Care. 2018 Nov-Dec; 7(6):1578-1580. PMID: 30613564
  2. Case Report: Kryptonite-A Rare Case of Left-Sided Bilothorax in a Sickle Cell Patient. Case Rep Pulmonol. 2019 Jun 18;2019:8658343 PMID: 31316853
  3. Sarcomatoid Mesothelioma in a Patient with Myelodysplastic Syndrome, American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 2019;199:A6954
  4. Often a Deadly Fungus; Mucor Must Be Among Us: A Case of Angioinvasive Gastric Mucormycosis with a Positive Outcome, American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 2019;199:A6582
  5. Entertaining a Catatonic State When Coma Is the Bait: Use of Benzodiazepines for Catatonia, American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 2019;199:A6653
  6. The Long Lasting Burn of Kerosene: Cavitating Pulmonary Masses from Hydrocarbon Pneumonitis, American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 2019;199:A1475
  7. CPR: AN INCOGNITO SOURCE OF ABDOMINAL TRAUMA, Critical Care Medicine: January 2019 - Volume 47 - Issue 1 - p 836
  8. AN UNUSUAL CASE OF ASTHMA WORSENING WITH STEROIDS, Chest,  October 2018Volume 154, Issue 4, Supplement, Page 16A
  9. The Air Has to Come from Somewhere: A Case of Spontaneous Isolated Subcutaneous Emphysema,  American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 2018;197:A3239
  10. White Plague: A Case of Pre-XDR Tuberculosis, American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 2019;199:A5131
  11. A Unique Case of Narcan-Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage, American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 2019;199:A1496
  12. Sarcoidosis Disguised as Malignancy, American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 2019;199:A1561


  1. Anas Al-Khateeb, M.D. Adherence to standard care, head of bed elevation; Faculty Mentor:   Richard Miller, M.D.
  2. Muqueet Kadri, M.D. Getting a meeting setup between the family, ethics committee and physician within 48-72 hours of patient’s presentation to the ICU; to discuss the goal of care; Faculty Mentor:  Richard Miller, M.D.
  3. Zainab Syed, M.D. Scheduled Didactic Lessons in the ICU; Faculty Mentor:  Mourad Ismail, M.D.
  4. Rishitha Yelisetti, M.D. Test the use of a central line check list to ensure compliance with central line bundle components; Faculty Mentor:  Mourad Ismail, M.D.
  5. Hari Sharma, M.D. Improved survey satisfaction leading to better patient care; Faculty Mentor:  Richard Miller, M.D.
  6. Sharath Bellary, M.D. Resident compliance with urinary catheter screening sheets; Faculty Mentor:  Richard Miller, M.D.
  7. Moayyad Alziadat, M.D. Improving patient adherence to pulmonary clinic appointments through reminder phone calls; Faculty Mentor: Dr. Solis, M.D.
  8. Ahmed Sharaan. M.D. Proper Utilization of Gastric Acid Suppressive Therapy in ICU; Faculty Mentor:  Mourad Ismail, M.D.

Scholarly Activities

Scholarly Activities completed by 2019–20 fellows:

  1. Did You Check Your Tube Today? A Case of Transient Dilatation of the Trachea
    A. Samuel , S.M. Nanavati , R. Manickam. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 2020;201:A5195. Presented at the annual ATS meeting
    2. Vaping-Induced Lung Injury: Juice That Flames the Lung- S.M. Nanavati, A. Sharaan , A. Samuel , M.R. Alziadat , R. Yelisetti , R. Patel , H. Sharma , W. Meng , S. Upadhyay , M. Ismail. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 2020;201:A6685.Presented at the annual ATS meeting
  2. Myriad of Myroides: A Rare Case of Bacteremia- S.M. Nanavati , R.M. FOO , A. Samuel , A. Sharaan , R. Yelisetti , M.R. Alziadat , W. Meng , R. Patel , S. Upadhyay , R. Lamm. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 2020;201:A6927. Presented at the annual ATS meeting
    4. Buffalo Chest- Tube Thoracostomy Gone Too Far: A Case Report- A. Samuel , N. Mahmood. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 2020;201:A6753. Presented at the annual ATS meeting
  3. Arterial Versus Serum Lactic Acid Discrepancy - Moayyad Alziadat, MD, Anish Samuel, Mohd Hazem Azzam, Chest 2019 presentation.
  4. A Rare Case of Chylothorax Shrouding a Malignant Pleural Effusion - Anish Samuel, MD, Ahmed Sharaan, Jacob Mathew, Chest 2019 presentation.
  5. An Interesting Case of Graphically Documented Self-Draining Lung Abscess- Anish Samuel, MD, Roberto Solis, Moayyad Alziadat, Chest 2019 presentation
  6. A Case of Fatal Neuro-Cardio Toxicity With Bupropion Overdosage - Anish Samuel, MD, Mohd Hazem Azzam, Moayyad Alziadat, Rishitha Yelisetti, Chest 2019 presentation.
  7. An Atypical Presentation of Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura With Concurrent Acute Coronary Syndrome And Cerebrovascular Accident - Anish Samuel, MD, Rana Garris, Shivanck Upadhyay, Moutaz Ghrewati, Nirmal Guragai, Chest 2019 presentation.
  8. Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Presenting As Cavitary Lesion With Mycobacterium Avium On Acid Fast Culture - Jessimar Sanchez Alcantara, Anish Samuel, Aedan Mcdonough, Medhat Ismail
  9. A Rare Case of Granulomatosis With Polyangitis - Gabriella Messina, Anish Samuel, Stacey Lee, Medhat Ismail, Roberto Solis Accepted for presentation at CHEST 2020, October 2020.
  10. A Case of Fulminant Mycoplasma Pneumonia In A Healthy Adult Requiring Corticosteroids and Change In Antibiotics After Failed Macrolide Therapy - Aedan Mcdonough, Anish Samuel, Jessimar Sanchez Alcantara, Moh'd Hazzem Azzam, Michael Hanna
  11. 13. Diaphragmatic Palsy and Pneumonia In A Patient With Cerebrovascular Accident - Stacey Lee, Anish Samuel, Gabriela Messina, Medhat Ismail
  12. Unusual Presentation of Methicillin-Resistant Colitis Complicated with Acute Appendicitis. Elias Estifan, Sushant M Nanavati, Vinod Kumar, Aarohi Vora, Moayyad Alziadat, Mourad Ismail; J Glob Infect Dis 2020 Jan-Mar;12(1):34-36. Epub 2020 Feb 19. PMID: PMID: 32165800
  13. An Unusual Benign Cause of an Alarming Finding on Chest-X ray: A Case Report of Widened Mediastinum due to Rare Congenital Abnormality (Azygos Vein Continuation of Inferior Vena Cava). Michael Hanna, Ghada Elshimy, Medhat Ismail, Mourad Ismail; Case Rep Crit Care 2019 9;2019:3457495. Epub 2019 Dec 9. PMID: 31885936
  14. A rare case of hypokalemic ventricular tachycardia in a patient with thyrotoxic periodic paralysis. Bader Abu Ghalyoun, Ibrahim Khaddash, Dema Shamoon, Hamid Shaaban, Michael Hanna, Mourad Ismail; Int J Crit Illn Inj Sci 2019 Oct-Dec;9(4):199-202. Epub 2019 Dec 11. PMID: 31879609
  15. Successful Use of Renal Replacement Therapy for Refractory Hypokalemia in a Diabetic Ketoacidosis Patient. Zainab Syed, Thomas Kimball, Mourad Ismail; Case Rep Crit Care 2019 14;2019:6130694. Epub 2019 Aug 14. PMID: 31485356
  16. Ahmed Sharaan, Jerry Doffe and Mourad Ismail, Editorial, “Inconspicuous Causes of Increased Plasma Anion Gap” EC Clinical AND Medical Case Reports, 2019 Aug; 01-03.
  17. Mourad Ismail et al., “Oscillating Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism: A Rare Autoimmune Syndrome”, J Endocrinol Metab. 2019; 9(3):77-78.
  18. Bronchiectasis: A Probable Harbinger of Rheumatoid Arthritis - Meng, WD, DO, Al-Khateeb A, MD, Kadri M, M.D., Miller, RA, MD, Patel, R, MD.
  19. Bilateral Transudative Chylothorax Post Coronary Artery Bypass Graft – Rutwick Patel, M.D., Mohammed Halabiya, M.D., Muqueet Kadri, M.D., Anas Al-Khateeb, M.D., Hari Sharma, M.D. Sharath Bellary, M.D., William Meng, M.D. Joanna Crincoli, M.D., Richard Miller, M.D.
  20. Intrapulmonary Sequestration In An Adult – Hari Sharma, M.D., Muqueet Kadri, M.D., Rutwik Patel, M.D., Michael Ellis, M.D., Anas Al-Khateeb, M.D., Sharath Bellary, M.D., Euclid St. Hill, M.D., William Meng, M.D., Richard Miller, M.D. Chest 2019 presentation.