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Corporate Compliance

St. Joseph’s Health is committed to conducting business in an ethical and honest manner and within the bounds of the law. The Corporate Compliance Program has been established to prevent the occurrence of illegal or unethical behavior, to stop any such behavior as soon as reasonably possible after it has been discovered, to discipline the individuals involved (including those who know of violations but fail to report them), and to recommend and implement changes in policy and procedure necessary to avoid a recurrence of any prior violation.

SJH encourages individuals to bring forward information and/or complaints about violations of state or federal law, SJH policy, rules or regulations. Questions or concerns about potential violations may be addressed to a supervisor or department head as well as directly to the Corporate Compliance Department at 973-754-2859.

SJH also has a dedicated Compliance Hotline for employees and other individuals to report compliance concerns.  The hotline can be accessed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week by:

Callers using this line may remain anonymous and all information relayed via the Compliance Hotline will be held in confidence to the fullest extent practicable and or allowed by law.  No retribution or retaliatory actions may be taken against an employee for reporting suspected violations.

Corporate Compliance documents include the following downloadable PDFs: