Life after St. Joe's

St. Joseph’s graduates have become leaders in the fields of anesthesia and pain management across the United States.  Our graduates are well represented in both academics and clinical practice.

St. Joseph’s graduates have become leaders in the fields of anesthesia and pain management across the United States.  Our graduates are well represented in both academics and clinical practice. The late Dr. George Morales, a graduate of St. Joseph’s in the early 1950s, was the trauma anesthesiologist to take care of President Ronald Reagan after an assassination attempt in 1981. Many of our graduates have chosen to stay with us at St. Joseph’s and St. Michael’s, educating the next generation of anesthesiologists.

Here is a list of our most recent alumni and where they went after training:


  • Robert Hill, Pediatric anesthesia fellowship, University of Texas, Houston
  • Pooja Gupta, Pediatric anesthesia fellowship, The Cleveland Clinics
  • Jack Karera, Pediatric anesthesia fellowship, Johns Hopkins
  • Shannale Lewis, Academic/Private practice, New Jersey
  • Samuel Landa, Private practice , New Jersey
  • Chan Li a Ping, Private practice Long Island, New York
  • Phoebe Levine, Private Practice, Long Island, New York
  • Matt Truocchio, Private practice, Arizona


  • Mushfique Ahmed, Regional anesthesia Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh; Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh
  • Catie Coin, Private Practice, California
  • Foram Parikh, Pediatric anesthesia fellowship, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
  • Shauna Mackenzie, Academic/Private practice, New Jersey
  • Kathleen Johansen, Private practice , Long Island, New York
  • Therese Lizardo-Escano, Academic/Private practice, New Jersey
  • Jarrett Schanzer, Private Practice, Florida
  • Harini Ramireddy, Private practice, California


  • Bilal Abadi, Private practice, AZ
  • Amber Campbell, Critical Care fellowship, University of Texas
  • Linda Hormozi, Cardiac anesthesia fellowship, Duke University
  • Victor Perkins, Private practice, NY
  • Namratha Prabhu, Pain Management fellowship, University of Rochester
  • Noah Rolleri, Cardiac anesthesia fellowship, Johns Hopkins University
  • John Ruth, Pediatric anesthesia fellowship, Children's National Medical Center (D.C.)
  • Pesach Schorr, Private practice, NJ


  • Joseph Eisele, Private practice, New Jersey
  • Jeffrey Hsieh, Private practice, NJ
  • Yiaho Jiang, Private practice, NJ
  • Tripali Kundu, Pediatric anesthesia fellowship, Emory University
  • Michael Lapicki, Private practice, NJ
  • Abigail Meigh, Pediatric-anesthesia fellowship, Montefiore Medical Center
  • Alyssa Padover, Pediatric-anesthesia fellowship, Johns Hopkins University


  • Justin Carbonello, Cardiothoracic anesthesia fellowship, Montefiore Medical Center
  • Susan Dadaian, Private practice, NJ
  • Michaella Davis-Phinn, Private practice, NJ
  • Gerald Garcia, Pediatric anesthesia fellowship: Arkansas Children’s Hospital, University of Arkansas
  • Michael Marji, Private/academic practice, NJ
  • Nadine Mirzayan, Obstetric anesthesia fellowship: Mount Sinai Medical Center/St. Luke’s
  • Neelema Sinha, Regional anesthesia fellowship: University of New Mexico
  • Dmitriy Yukhvid, Cardiothoracic anesthesia fellowship: Rutgers/ Robert Wood Johnson


  • Georgina Sesana, Acute Pain & Regional anesthesia fellowship, The Cleveland Clinic
  • Maisie Tsang, Pediatric anesthesia fellowship, Hospital for Sick Children,Toronto
  • Sumreen Vaid-Pinyard, Regional anesthesia & Acute pain fellowship: University of Iowa
  • Lindsay Cammarata, Pediatric fellowship: Nemours DuPont Hospital for Children
  • Eliyahu Cooper, Private practice, NJ
  • Silvester Kagunye, Private practice, CA
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