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For People with Disabilities

It is our policy to respect the rights and interests of disabled individuals and anyone with special needs to ensure accessibility to all hospital services. St. Joseph’s Health provides:

  • A barrier free enviornment for the physically impaired
  • Seeing eye and hearing dogs have access to all St. Joseph’s facilities
  • Admission and surgical consents are available in large print
  • TTY & TDD machines through Telecommunications and Patient Relations; inpatient phones have amplified headsets, lights and adjustable ringers
  • Closed captioned TV service
  • Wheelchairs

Interpreter Services

St. Joseph’s diverse staff can speak many foreign languages, and the hospital maintains both an extensive language bank and access to the Language Line. This gives our patients and staff access to interpreter services for virtually any language. We also offer sign language services for deaf and hearing-impaired.

These services are available 24/7. We also have the availability of web-based sign language interpreters through the use of our ROVERS. This allows immediate access to a sign language interpreter any time, day or night.

St. Joseph’s is committed to making sure we can communicate with our patients and their families with ease and in a dignified manner.

For additional information, please contact Patient Relations: 973.754.3147.