Blood Bank/Donation

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BloodDonorRoomBlood donors save lives! As a healthy member of our community your blood is needed.

St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center is a NJ State Designated Trauma center, a Children's Hospital, and has other specialty areas with very high blood usage.


We are constantly in need of donors, and despite our continued recruitment efforts our donor room supplies just a small percentage of the blood that is needed by our patients. St. Joseph's provides more charity care to the community than any other hospital in the area, so blood donations made directly to our donor center represent a vital contribution to our patients, as well as a significant savings to the health care system. Your donation is greatly appreciated!


It is important for all eligible people to realize that it is a civic and moral responsibility to donate blood. The tri-state area is one of the only areas in the country that has to import blood from other states in order to meet our patient's needs. Sixty percent of the population is eligible to donate blood, nationally only 5% do and in the Northeast only 3% donate.


Remember blood is the Gift of Life, so please help us reach out to our community so they can experience that indescribable feeling of helping to save someone's life.


Additionally, St. Joseph's Healthcare System is one of only a few hospitals to offer Auto and Directed blood donations as a free service to our patients. This type of blood donation is made by a patient prior to his or her own surgery or made for a family member or friend who is in need.

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If you would like to donate blood or for more information about Auto and Directed blood donations, please visit our Blood Donor Center at St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center, 703 Main Street, Paterson, or call 973.754.3538.

Donor Room Hours:

Monday – Friday: 7:30 – 4:00

The blood donation procedure takes approximately 45 minutes or less.

Steps to Donating Blood

Step One: It begins with reading the "Educational Information for Donating Blood" to assure that he or she is an eligible donor.

Step Two: Each donor must read the "Medication List". Use of medications on this short list will also help determine donor eligibility.

Step Three: The donor completes the "Blood Donor Record". It is very important that all information is correct and all questions are answered accurately. A trained staff member will assist donors as needed, and carefully review the record.

Step Four: Each donor receives a "mini-physical". Temperature, pulse rate, and blood pressure will be checked; a drop of blood will also be taken from your finger to determine your blood count. When these steps have been successfully completed you are now ready for the blood donation.

Step Five: Your arm will be cleansed with an antiseptic solution; the blood will be collected using a single use, sterile needle. You will complete your donation in about 5 to 15 minutes.

When the donation is complete you will rest for a few minutes while enjoying refreshments. You will receive post donation instructions from our staff. You will then be able to leave knowing that you have just helped to save a life. You will be eligible to donate again in 56 days.



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