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Respite Care

Respite care is short-term, temporary care provided to people who are every day caregivers for a loved one.

St. Joseph's Healthcare and Rehab Center provides respite care services to meet the need of the resident and the family.

Adherence to the specific schedules and routine is important for a temporary transition of each resident. Prior to the scheduled care giving meeting, families meet with a Nurse Practitioner to review the resident’s medical history, current medications, diet, and other daily needs.

A plan of care is arranged to provide the assistance or care required by our resident.

To make their respite stay enjoyable, residents are able to participate in the daily scheduled activities.

Respite care at St. Joseph's Healthcare and Rehab Center allows families time to relax, knowing that their loved one is in a quality-focused, safe, and secure environment.

For additional information about St. Joseph's Healthcare and Rehab Center, please contact us: 973.754.4850.