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We, in the Center for Education and Development, believe that:

  • Lifelong learning is the responsibility of the nurse and is essential to maintain and increase competence in nursing practice. Professional development requires nurses' acceptance of accountability and responsibility for their practice.
  • Continuing professional nursing competence is essential to the provision of safe, quality health care.
  • Assurance of continuing professional nursing competency must be shaped and guided by nursing leaders.
  • The nurse actively partners with the nursing professional development educator in the educational process and in the maintenance of the nurse's continuing professional nursing competence.
  • The nursing professional development educator incorporates the roles of facilitator, change agent, consultant, leader or researcher in the learning activities that support the nurse in developing and maintaining professional nursing competence.
  • Self-directed learning is an integral part of continuing education, staff development and academic education.
  • Use of adult learning principles contributes to effective professional development activities.
  • A variety of educational options are necessary to meet the diverse needs of the nursing population, including but not limited to, academic education, experiential learning, consultation, teaching others, professional reading, distance learning, research and self-directed activities.
  • Various learning activities are used to resolve current knowledge or skill deficits of the nurse to ensure continuing professional competence.
  • Ongoing evaluation of educational activities is essential to maintain and enhance professional development and the quality and cost-effectiveness of health care.
  • The practice of nursing professional development is guided by principles of ethics.

Reference: Scope and Standards of Practice for Nursing Professional Development. American Nurses Association, Washington, D.C. 2000.

St. Joseph's Healthcare System is committed to the professional development of the Registered Nurse and related nursing personnel at all levels of the organization. Both the departments of Nursing and Human Resources provide policies and procedures that place significant emphasis on continuing formal education as well as on-site educational offerings, participation in professional organizations, and attendance at professional meetings and conferences. Approved budgeted monies are used for these educational activities.


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