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Research Innovations at St. Joseph’s University Medical Center

Advances in research at St. Joseph’s University Medical Center are guiding clinicians at the Paterson healthcare facility, and across the nation.

Researchers in the Pulmonary Department at St. Joseph’s University Medical Center, led by Vincent A. DeBari, PhD, Director, Resident Research, St. Joseph’s University Medical Center, including Balwinder Kang, MD, Graduate, Internal Medicine Residency, M. Anees Khan, MD, Pulmonologist, Nader A. Mahmood, MD, Graduate, Pulmonary Fellow, and Jacob Mathew, MD, current 5thyear Pulmonary Fellow, recently had the results of a study they conducted on a common, yet little used blood test known as RDW (red cell distribution width) published in the International Journal of Critical Illness and Injury Science (Vol. 4 Issue 4). The researchers’ findings in “Broadening of the red blood cell distribution width is associated with increased severity of illness in patients with sepsis” revealed that RDW helped identify sepsis more efficiently than the standard APACHE II (Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation II) scoring system. By identifying sepsis more efficiently, this test aides in initiating earlier treatment, thus optimizing patient care and outcomes. St. Joseph’s is proud to provide another innovative solution to advance the forefront of care for our patients.

February 16, 2015