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Paterson Firefighters ‘Think Pink’

Paterson Firefighters Think PinkThroughout the month of October, on duty Paterson Firefighters wore custom pink shirts to raise awareness, as well as funds for breast cancer patients. In the months leading to October, over 900 shirts were sold to firefighters and residents in Paterson and across the state and nation. Proceeds from the sale of shirts were presented to St. Joseph’s University Medical Center’s Breast Cancer Program to help fund the Cancer Education Early Detection (CEED) Program and the Breast Cancer Treatment Assistance Fund.

“The contribution we received from the Paterson Firefighters will go a long way in providing free and low cost services, goods and financial support to families fighting through breast cancer in our local community,” said Timothy Barr, Vice President of Development and Executive Director to St. Joseph’s University Medical Center Foundation. “We are thankful for the faith and trust our Firefighters have in our Breast Cancer Program, facilities and staff, which afford us the honor to serve the many courageous patients fighting this difficult, but often curable, disease.”

November 19, 2014