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Less-invasive Gallbladder Procedure

SJRMCSt. Joseph’s Health offers robotic treatments for a spectrum of conditions, from cardiac and gastroenterology to women’s issues, close to home at St. Joseph’s University Medical Center. Among the services available is a minimally invasive robotic technique called Single-Site™ da Vinci® gallbladder surgery (cholecystectomy).

“With the integration of new technology, surgical procedures, including gallbladder surgery, have made great strides over the years,” remarks Mark Ingram, MD, General Surgeon, St. Joseph’s University Medical Center (SJUMC), a trained Single-Site™ da Vinci® surgeon.

“Patients who undergo this minimally invasive procedure are generally able to leave the hospital the same day with only a one-inch incision in the umbilicus, versus the traditional laparoscopic surgery which requires three to four small incisions in the upper abdomen,” explains Dr. Ingram. “Additionally they have virtually no visible scar, very little to no pain, fast recovery and high patient satisfaction,” he adds.

Most patients who require gallbladder removal are candidates for this robotic, single-incision surgery. All procedures are conveniently performed in the state-of-the-art operating suites at SJUMC, where patients benefit from the expertise and care of our award winning physician-nurse team pre- and post-operatively.

Patients who would like a consultation for robotic gallbladder, hiatal, ventral and inguinal hernias surgery are welcome to call 973.754.2490 to schedule an appointment. Private and Primary Care Physician referrals are also accepted.