St. Joseph's Healthcare System Honors Sponsors

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Paterson, NJ [December 15, 2010]- The Sisters' Wall - a tribute to the involvement of the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth, past and present, who have guided the development of St. Joseph's Healthcare System, as its founders and continued sponsors – is a special highlight of the new lobby at St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center in Paterson, New Jersey.

In three 15" base relief medallions sculpted by Sr. Anne Haarer, SC, and 6 photographs, this 12' x 4' display depicts the sponsorship of the Sisters of Charity, "From Generation to Generation". The center medallion illustrates the seal of the Sisters of Charity, which includes a pelican. The pelican represents the Eucharist and is related to the myth that the pelican feeds its young with its own life's blood, like that of Christ. The medallion to the left illustrates an image of two Sisters of Charity working in a laboratory, dressed in their fluted caps. Behind them is a rendition of the old Fonda Farm estate, the location on which the hospital was established. The medallion to the right has a detailed portrayal of a doctor and a physician's assistant standing in front of the new Critical Care Building (opening 2011), alongside a Sister of Charity nurse pushing a patient in a wheelchair.


Pictured in front of the The Sisters' Wall are (left to right) Sr. Maryanne Campeotto, Vice President, Mission, St. Joseph's Healthcare System, who led the design/development and implementation of the Sisters' Wall display, and Sr. Anne Haarer, SC.


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