Employee Orientation

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New Employee Orientation starts on the first day of hire and ends with the completion of the 3-month introductory period. During this time the new employee receives the necessary information to be able to deliver excellent care, treatment, and services to our patients either directly as a caregiver or indirectly in any number of important support roles.

Orientation consists of both centralized and department specific activities. On day one, the new employee is welcomed in a group together with others who are also just starting. This full day consists of presentations by the CEO of the System, the President of the Board of Trustees, and other principal speakers that will introduce important concepts such as:

  • Rights and responsibilities of all employees,
  • The history and mission of St. Joseph's and the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth,
  • Patient Rights and ethical concerns,
  • Infection control practices,
  • Safety and security for patients and employees,
  • Quality controls and practices,
  • Use of informatics systems and patient and staff confidentiality requirements,
  • Patient satisfaction strategies for use by all employees.

During the introductory period, the new employee will learn how to access on-line educational programming, take a tour of the facilities, and meet their supervisor and co-workers, to begin the process of understanding the job role and its responsibilities.

A department specific orientation under the guidance of the Director of the service and/or designee is prepared for each employee to assure that the knowledge and skills required to do a job successfully have been gained during this time. Following the three-month period, the employee achieves permanent status.


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