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Educational Curriculum

  • PGY 1: First year residents rotate on the pediatric floor, neonatal intensive care unit, pediatric emergency department, adolescent medicine, neurodevelopment, and general pediatric and continuity clinic

  • PGY 2: Second year residents serve as supervising residents on the pediatric floor, neonatal intensive care unit, pediatric and continuity clinic, and pediatric emergency department. They start their required rotations at the pediatric intensive care unit. The experiences in community pediatrics and advocacy and in a busy general pediatric office in the community are completed. Rotations in the pediatric specialties begin during this year of training as well. A two-week long research elective is offered to second year residents.
  • PGY3: Third year residents supervise residents and students on the pediatric floor and rotate on the intensive care units, pediatric emergency department, and pediatric and continuity clinic. During this year, residents complete their required subspecialty rotations, electives of choice---including a call free rotation away, participate in transport of children into the hospital from other institutions, and spend 2 weeks on a supervised board practice rotation.
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