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Program Director Welcome

Roberto Jodorkovsky, MD
Program Director, Pediatric Residency

On behalf of the Department of Pediatrics and its’ key program staff--Dr. Michael Lamacchia, Department Chairman; Dr Jennifer Chuang, Associate Program Director; Dr Michael Blechner, Associate Program Director; and Ms. Karen Hilla, Program Coordinator, I thank you for your interest in our program and welcome you to learn more about it. Top quality patient care and resident and medical student’s education are our top priorities. Our program has trained scores of residents over many years and our graduates have invariably succeeded entering primary care practices in New Jersey and other states, or have matched in highly competitive and prestigious fellowship programs of their choice. Graduates of our program have become well known contributors to their fields—in clinical, administrative, and research areas. We believe that we have created a stimulating and supportive environment for our residents’ professional and personal growth and for the health of children in local and broader communities.

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