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Frequently Asked Questions

Do GPR residents have to find their own patients?

Residents do not need to find their own patients. Our hospital is located  in a diverse community with many dental needs. Because there is a minimum three year waiting list to be patient in our Dental clinic, our GPR residents have always had comprehensive experience treating many patients. 

What type of procedures can I do?

Our residents are encouraged to do as much as they can within the 12-month period of their residency. Residents may perform any type of procedure they’d like, as long as they are motivated to do so. In the past, our residents have placed implants, performed apicoectomies, surgical extractions, crown lengthening surgeries, completed aesthetic cases and more. 

What is the salary?

The salary for the academic year 2020-2021 is $53,045.00. The residents are entitled to 6 paid holidays and 20 days of vacation. 

What do most program graduates do after residency?

Most go into private practices around New York & New Jersey.  Some continue their education in specialty programs such as OMFS, endodontics, periodontal, orthodontics and pediatric dentistry. A few enter academic careers and become attending. 

What are you looking for when you make your rank order list?

While the grades and recommendations must be utilized in the initial phase of evaluating applicants, the objective elements of the application place a smaller role in the end.   We embrace the holistic review concept and value life experience, breadth of interests, professional demeanor and poise even more than class rank and traditional measures of academic success.  We tend to favor candidates who we feel will fit into our “family” and will thrive in a resource-rich environment designed to serve self-motivated, enthusiastic adult learners. 

Can I visit the program to see what it is like?

Yes. We encourage all applicants to come and spend a few hours with the faculty, staff and residents to have a first-hand experience in our daily activities. Please contact Dr. Cao at caod@sjhmc.org to arrange a site visit.

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