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Frequently Asked Questions

What are you looking for in an applicant?
Ideally the candidates that enter our hospital have a desire to expand their knowledge and the drive to become the best physician possible. One of our diversity goals is to increase racial and ethnic diversity among our residency staff to reflect the population of the community that we serve.  We are a close knit program with an emphasis on team work.

Do you have a night float system?
Yes! We have a dedicated night float on both floors and in the critical care rotations to avoid overly long call days and to give floor teams time to rest.

How often are interns on call?
Floor teams take call every 4th day. The night float team is expected to assume patient care at 7PM with the day teams accepting patient endorsement at 7AM.

Does the program listen to resident feedback? Is it easy to talk with program leadership?
Absolutely!  We value and encourage both formal and informal feedback and actively make changes to the program based on resident input. The program administration has an open door policy to discuss issues or career advice and anything in between.  We foster a warm and collegial atmosphere that is so appealing many residents choose to stay or return to St. Joseph’s after their training.

What is the continuity clinic like?
The continuity clinic experience is enhanced by 7-8 weeks of ambulatory medicine each year.  The week block interval consists of direct patient care sessions, as well as protected time for didactic lectures, journal club, research, and self-study.  Residents are precepted by dedicated primary care faculty that serve as supervisors and mentors in outpatient medicine.

Will I have autonomy?
Autonomy is earned throughout your time in training. Our teaching attendings are selected due to their dedication and experience in maintaining the balance between autonomy and supervision. We are proud of our senior residents’ ability to manage a team of complex patients. Supervision is available 24/7 as needed.

What do your graduates do after training?
St. Joseph University Medical Center offers multiple in-house fellowship opportunities which include Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Hematology/Oncology and Pulmonary/Critical Care.

During the past 3 years our graduates have continued their training in:

Addiction Medicine

Geisinger Hospital- Pennsylvania


McLaren Northern Michigan Health- Michigan- (two fellows)

St. Joseph’s University Medical Center (five fellows)


Albany Medical Center- New York

Marshalls University- New York

National Institute of Health-Maryland (two fellows)

New York Medical College- New York

University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix

University of Cincinnati- Ohio


New York Medical College at Metropolitan hospital- New York

New York Medical College as St. Michaels Medical Center- New Jersey

St. Joseph’s University Medical Center- New Jersey (three fellows)

SUNY Upstate- New York


St. Joseph’s University Medical Center- New Jersey (three fellows)

SUNY downstate- New York

Pain and Palliative Care

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center- New York

Pulmonary/Critical Care

Case Western University Hospital- Ohio

St. Joseph’s University Medical Center (two fellows)


Cleveland Clinic- Florida

Montefiore Medical Center- New York

Washington University School of Medicine-Barnes-Jewish Hospital- Missouri


Yale School of Medicine- Connecticut

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