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Department Chair Welcome

Robert G. Lahita MD, PhD, FACP, MACR, FRCP
Chairman of Medicine

Welcome to St. Joseph’s University Medical Center,

We are a 651-bed tertiary care center and the flagship hospital of St. Joseph’s Health that was founded by the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth in 1867.

The hospital’s mission and vision is directed to the poor and underserved. We do this using 21st Century technology and excellent clinical programs. Quality care revolves around our core values: dignity, charity, justice, and compassion.

We train compassionate young physicians who will apply our core values to the art and science of medicine. As you are trained, you must be cognizant of the depth and breadth of scientific advances within the field of medicine. At St. Joseph’s Health, we promote academic excellence as our way to create superb physicians.

To provide the best patient care, we teach our residents, nourish our attending physicians, applaud our excellent Magnet awarded nurses, and incorporate all the ancillary staff within the hospital to obtain the best possible outcome for both trainees and patients. To guarantee this, our administration supports medical education as part of our Department’s mission.

Our patients represent tremendous ethnic diversity and provide trainees with a rich cultural experience and extensive exposure to a variety of clinical situations.

While we are proud of our hospital, we are especially proud of our residents who provide its fabric and collegial spirit. They add to the substance of the Medical Center that makes our program unique.

The Internal Medicine Residency Program will prepare you to be a competent, competitive and compassionate internist. Whether you aspire to be a primary care physician or subspecialist, our program has the committed faculty, diversity of clinical exposure, innovative educational curriculum and flexible scheduling to help you reach your goals.

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