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Program Director Welcome

Patrick Michael, MD, FACP
Program Director, Internal Medicine Residency

Welcome to the St. Joseph’s University Medical Center Internal Medicine Residency Program!

This is a unique program consisting of 57 categorical positions, located in the historic city of Paterson, New Jersey.  With one of the most diverse patient populations in the country, we encounter some of the rarest pathologies that present in many different stages.  St. Joseph’s University Medical Center is the 5th busiest Emergency Department in the nation.

Residents will spend 3 years training in the St. Joseph’s Health system in various settings, under superb and highly qualified faculty.  Residents are constantly being evaluated in a 360 degree fashion, which over the three years has allowed us to graduate some of the most competent and capable internists.  We utilize student, peer, faculty, patient, and nursing assessments for each resident on a regular basis.  We also use clinical evaluations to assess clinical competency and ensure proper training.

I personally will spend months with each one of you as your teaching attending.  You will present cases to me, and I will observe your bedside care with patients.  This will allow me to get to know each resident’s strengths and weaknesses early on so we can create custom plans to ensure your overall competency.  We will meet regularly and review your career goals to ensure you are on the right track, and guide you when necessary. Joining this program is like joining a family, we will engage in many extracurricular, community service and social activities.

On behalf of the program administration, faculty, and stellar residents we thank you for your interest in our program and wish you the best of luck in pursuing your internal medicine residency. 

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