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Wellness at St. Joseph’s Health

“Psychological, emotional and physical well-being are critical in the development of the competent, caring and resilient physician. Self-care is an important component of professionalism; it is also a skill that must be learned and nurtured in the context of other aspects of residency training.” ACGME Common Program Requirements Section VI

At SJUMC, we strongly believe that resident’s health and wellness is integral to our mission of excellence in patient care and in training physicians who are prepared for a fulfilling, life- long career. We aim to foster a culture of wellness that is evident each day, ensuring that our residents and fellows remain physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy during this inherently stressful time.

House Staff Wellness Committee - Meets Monthly

This committee was specifically created to focus on the well-being of the residents and fellows in our accredited training programs. Residents are encouraged to lead healthy lives and to make healthy choices that support them in their personal and professional growth. GME Administration, program directors, faculty, and resident representatives have joined together with Human Resources, Pastoral Care, and Behavioral Health to integrate further activities and education that focus on personal well-being and understanding of factors that lead to professional satisfaction and resilience.

The Office of Academic Affairs welcomes faculty, resident, fellow and staff involvement in our wellness efforts! If you are interested in joining our House Staff Wellness Committee, please contact Marisa Sugalski, Institutional Coordinator, Office of Academic Affairs (sugalskim@sjhmc.org).

Wellness Committee Initiatives

“Get a Life”- Work/Life Balance Competition

GME Leadership at SJUMC encourages all residents to make work – life balance a priority! Becoming a physician requires sacrifices. In the midst of taking care of others, you shouldn’t forget to make your own health a priority. Finding a work- life balance now is important for a successful future as a physician.

House Staff Physician of the Quarter Recognition Award

The House Staff Physician of the Quarter recognition award aims to improve resident and fellow well-being by recognizing resident physicians who make important and meaningful contributions to our institution while still maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

St. Joseph’s House Staff Wellness Fairs

January 11, 2019 | October 11, 2019 | February 7, 2020

In 2019 the House Staff Wellness Committee hosted the two house staff wellness fairs, a first for the institution,  which featured education stations focusing on resources for nutrition, meditation, stress reduction, sleep deprivation and burnout and shared what St. Joseph’s offers in regards to Behavioral Health, Pastoral Care, HR wellness benefits, library resources and gym membership discounts. 15 minute chair massages, healthy snacks and refreshments, as well as pet therapy sessions with “Puppy”, a certified pet therapy dog, were provided.

February 2020 focused primarily on the behavioral health of our residents and fellows, with a special luncheon presentation by Dr. Rueda, our Chief Wellness Officer, entitled “A Conversation on Physician Wellness.”

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