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Statement of Commitment

St. Joseph’s Health is dedicated to excellence in health care, medical education, and research. St. Joseph’s provides primary care and is a major referral center for medical and surgical patients in Northern New Jersey. St. Joseph’s is also a teaching hospital affiliate of New York Medical College. St. Joseph’s pursues this mission in part through commitment to support quality graduate medical education programs.

The primary goal of the medical education programs at St. Joseph’s is to educate and prepare physicians for excellence in independent practice, and for board eligibility in the full range of specialties and subspecialties.

St. Joseph’s will strive to assure that each residency and fellowship program will:

  • appoint the most qualified applicants, b) retain outstanding faculty, c) foster and evaluate comprehensive, competency-based educational programs, d) foster and evaluate the professional development and personal growth of each trainee, and e) meet national Graduate Medical Education (GME) accreditation and specialty board eligibility requirements.

As the home base for 9 ACGME sponsored residency programs and 6 fellowship programs, St. Joseph’s is committed to providing adequate educational, financial and human resources toward these objectives by:

  1. Organizing, staffing and supporting a GME Committee and a GME office, with support and oversight responsibilities as stated in the ACGME Institutional Requirements;
  2. Supporting a faculty of full-time physicians who teach and supervise Residents/Fellows and who will contribute to the administration of the GME programs;
  3. Providing appropriate educational resources (such as library, facilities, teaching space and equipment, and information systems), and offering educational programs in shared core curriculum subjects;
  4. Ensuring that all Residents and Fellows provide supervised, safe, patient care;
  5. Facilitating and formalizing affiliations with other teaching hospitals;
  6. Ensuring that all Residents and Fellows have ample opportunity to communicate any concerns, without intimidation or fear of retribution;
  7. Striving to provide clinical information and support services so that Residents and Fellows are not burdened with repetitive, non-educational tasks;
  8. Coordinating the fair implementation of personnel policies and procedures for all trainees;
  9. Ensuring that Resident duty hours comply with ACGME Requirements and hospital policies.

St. Joseph’s Health
Sr. Marilyn Thie, Chair, Board of Trustees
Kevin Slavin, President and CEO
Otto Sabando, DO, Designated Institutional Official/Director of Medical Education

*As of July 1, 2020, New York Medical College is no longer a teaching hospital affiliate of St. Joseph’s.

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