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Mission & Goals

The Mission of the St. Joseph’s Surgical Critical Care Residency program is to provide residents with a comprehensively structured cognitive and procedural clinical education in the critical care setting. This, in turn, will enable them to become competent, proficient, and professional critical care surgeons that are qualified to treat critically ill surgical patients, teach at the undergraduate and postgraduate clinical level and develop and nurture a lifelong commitment to learning and refining their skills/ abilities as critical care surgeons. The Mission of the program also incorporates the Mission of St. Joseph's Health to render quality healthcare with a special concern for the poor, vulnerable and underserved.
The year spent in Surgical Critical Care will be one of rapid growth in the ability of the young surgeons to diagnose and manage disease in the critically ill surgical patient.  The goals of the educational program is to develop the proficiency to recognize the multiple surgical and medical issues of the critically ill surgical patient, understand the complex pathophysiology of critical illness and to become proficient in the multidisciplinary treatment approach necessary to result in a successful clinical outcome for these patients.

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