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General Practice Residency

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The general practice residency in dentistry (GPR) at St. Joseph’s University Medical Center is affiliated with New York Medical College, a member of the Touro University System; and is fully accredited by the ADA’s Commission on Dental Accreditation.

The one-year program is designed to train residents to become competent general practitioners. Training is provided in physical diagnosis, medical risk assessment and emergency management. Residents treat a large volume of medically complex patients and healthy patients with the full spectrum of oral health needs. Residents gain valuable experience working closely with oral and maxillofacial surgery (OMS) residents and faculty, participating in team management of implant patients and a collaborative approach to the care of maxillofacial trauma. Dedicated to providing residents with a quality learning experience, faculty members represent every discipline of dentistry and are well-trained and experienced clinicians/educators.

Four general practice residents (GPRs) are enrolled each July. GPRs plan and conduct treatment under supervision at a well-equipped off-site dental center minutes from the hospital’s main campus. A portion of the clinical training in dentistry focuses on the management of dental urgencies and emergencies; however, each resident also has an assigned group of patients eligible for comprehensive treatment. As such, GPRs gain experience in all phases of dentistry from treatment planning through conventional and implant prosthodontics. In the hospital, GPRs admit, manage and discharge dental service patients, suture lacerations, provide consultation to other services and treat patients in the Emergency Department with appropriate supervision and guidance.

Required curriculum areas include patient assessment and diagnosis, planning and providing comprehensive multidisciplinary health care, obtaining informed consent, promoting oral and systemic health and disease prevention, sedation, pain and anxiety control, restoration of teeth, replacement of teeth using fixed and removable appliances, periodontal therapy and pulpal therapy, hard and soft tissue surgery, treatment of dental and medical emergencies, and medical risk assessment.

The department’s core didactic program consists of:

  • Lectures and seminars, weekly;
  • Grand Rounds, monthly;
  • Journal Club;
  • Impromptu discussion;
  • Special presentations; and
  • IV sedation, elective.

There are four rotations throughout the year, all of which occur at St. Joseph’s University Medical Center:

  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 8 weeks
  • Anesthesia 4 weeks
  • Medicine 2 weeks
  • Emergency Medicine 2 weeks

Teaching is ongoing in the operating room, the clinic and on rounds each day. The rationale for medical and surgical decisions is routinely discussed and an open exchange of ideas is encouraged. Scholarly activity is required, and mentorship is provided by faculty.

Research and/or scholarly activity is required as a group project and is expected to present annually at the St. Joseph’s University Medical Center Research Day, which is usually held in May.


  1. Blaze Fraser, DMD
  2. Giancarlo Ghisalberti, DMD
  3. Michael Marmora, DDS
  4. Shannen Murphy, DMD


  1. Halie Aronson, DMD, GP, private practice, NY
  2. Lauren Ferraro, DMD, GP, private practice, NJ
  3. Marize Ghobryal, DMD, GP, private practice, NJ
  4. Eric Halejian, DDS, GP, private practice, NJ


  1. Kamy Mehta, DDS, GP, private practice, NJ
  2. Milan Patel, DMD, GP, private practice, NJ
  3. Lesia Pirmand, DDS, GP, private practice, NJ
  4. Neya Shah, DMD, Pediatric Dental Resident, NY


  1. Aparna Kamulayil, DDS, GP, Paterson Public School System, NJ
  2. Elliot Nash, DMD, GP, private practice, NJ
  3. Megan Sterling, DMD, GP, Connecticut


  1. Melissa Pinto, DMD, GP, private practice, NJ
  2. Mariam Habib, DDS, GP, private practice, NJ
  3. John Kweun, DDS, GP, private practice, NY
  4. Michael Liu, DMD, GP, private practice, NJ



  1. Yasmine Abbassi, DMD
  2. Carmine Cataldo, DMD
  3. Siavash Dehghani, DMD
  4. Sarah Shin, DDS


  1. Dandline Alexandre, DMD GP, private practice
  2. Daniel Belotserkovsky, DDS GP, private practice
  3. Monica Ross, DMD GP, private practice
  4. Wei Ting, DDS GP, private practice


  1. Eileen Dano, DDS Pediatric Dental Resident, NY
  2. Astrid Gonzalez, DDS GP, private practice
  3. Mohamed Shariff, DMD GP, private practice
  4. Rani Shah, DMD GP, private practice


  1. Shomali Dasgupta, DDS GP, private practice
  2. Anjali Doshi, DMD GP, private practice
  3. Patricia Botero, DMD GP, private practice
  4. Andrew Chen, DDS GP, private practice
  5. Christina Lee, DMD GP, private practice
  6. Shreyasi Vaghela, DMD GP, private practice


  1. Paul Awad, DDS GP, private practice
  2. Sylvia Awadalla, DDS GP, private practice
  3. Ron Ho, DDS OMS Resident, NJ
  4. Tania Lodhi, DDS GP, private practice
  5. Andleeb Shabahat, DDS GP, private practice
  6. Meria Stepansky, DMD GP, private practice

The process of admitting residents to GPR program is consistent with the general policies of St. Joseph’s University Medical Center and with New York Medical College’s policies on non-discrimination and with the Standards published by the Commission of Dental Accreditation (CODA) of the American Dental Association.

To be considered for admission, applicants must be:

  • Graduates of accredited institutions in the US or Canada; and
  • Citizens of the US or must possess a valid green card.

Applications for admission are processed through the PASS program and final selections are made utilizing the services of the postdoctoral dental matching program (MATCH).

For more information please contact the program coordinator, Ms. Sharmi Talpade, at talpades@sjhmc.org or call 973.754.2050.

Deadline for application to be reviewed is October 15th of the year prior to desired entry into the program.



All three advanced education programs in the Department of Dentistry at St. Joseph’s abide by institutional and departmental admissions policies.  Our attempt is to create a cohort of residents who function together collegially and collaboratively guided by the institution’s overall mission and vision, our educational mission and our desire to produce a diverse group of clinically excellent, culturally competent and morally centered graduates.  To that end, the department employs holistic review in resident selection, utilizing mission-driven, evidence-based, diversity-aware processes.  Holistic review is “a flexible, individualized way of assessing each applicant’s capabilities by which balanced consideration is given to experiences, attitudes, and academic metrics and, when considered in combination, how the individual might contribute value” as a resident and a clinician.*
“Non-traditional” as well as “traditional” candidates who meet admissions criteria are encouraged to apply.  Among the many factors considered in holistic review is the applicant’s awareness of healthcare disparities and level of interest in serving the needs of communities with limited resources.  Applicants with post-training service commitments including those in NHSC programs are encouraged to apply as are any residency candidates who may have interest in a career path that includes practice in under-served areas.
The department focuses on delivering compassionate and high quality care for patients, providing an outstanding set of educational experiences for each resident and producing residency training graduates who embody the institutional mission by providing “exceptional quality care which sustains and improves both individual and community health, with a special concern for those who are poor, vulnerable and underserved.”**

*AAMC  7/29/2016
**The Mission of St. Joseph’s Health

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