Trustees and Executives

2017 Trustees and Executives are listed below.

Chairperson of the Board of Trustees

Sister Marilyn Thie, SC

Members of the Board of Trustees

Kathleen M. Boozang
Antionette Cecere, MD
Bernadette Countryman
Sister Patricia Codey, SC, Esq.
Joseph Duffy, MD
Wilfredo Fernandez, CPA
Talia Griep
J. Michael Hopkins
Rev. Msgr. George F. Hundt
James Kranz
Gualberto Medina
Sister Noreen Neary
Robert Paz
Jai Parekh, MD
Sister Joan Repka
Kevin J. Slavin
Sister Marilyn Thie
Timothy Werkley

Management Team

Kevin J. Slavin – President and Chief Executive Officer
Steven C. Alderson – Vice President, Physician Services
Thomas J. Barnes III – Vice President, Revenue Cycle
John P. Bruno – Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Todd C. Brower – Senior Vice President, General Counsel
Lisa Brady – Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Moira Gibbons - Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer
James Haynes – Vice President, Facilities Operations
Robert C. Hood – Senior Vice President, Population Health
James LaBagnara, Jr., MD - Senior Vice President and System Chief Medical Officer
Jennifer Mendrzycki – Vice President, Wayne Site Administrator
Kenneth M. Morris, Jr. - Vice President, External Affairs
Judy Padula, MSN, RN - Vice President, Patient Care Services/Chief Nursing Officer
Linda A. Reed - Vice President, Chief Information Officer
Dennis R. Roemer – Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
Sister Patricia Mennor, SC - Vice President, Mission

Mission, Vision, and Values

From 102 patients in the first year of operation to more than 1.6 million patient-visits last year, St. Joseph’s continues to evolve as the leading health resource in the community and for the community. The hub of the multifaceted St. Joseph’s Health, St. Joseph’s University Medical Center is a member of an integrated System of components aligned to provide a comprehensive spectrum of services designed to heal the minds, bodies, and spirits of those in need.

With more than 1,300 on our medical staff and nearly 5,100 employees, St. Joseph’s Health is the largest employer in Passaic County, the largest provider of charity care in New Jersey, and the health care provider of choice for the residents of the region. Serving close to 1,000 beds system-wide, St. Joseph’s Health continues to fulfill the Mission, Vision, and Values set forth by its founders and sponsors, the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth.

Our Mission

St. Joseph's Health is a healing ministry of the Catholic Church sponsored by the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth. We are committed to provide exceptional quality care which sustains and improves both individual and community health, with a special concern for those who are poor, vulnerable and underserved.

Our Vision

St. Joseph’s Health is dedicated to improving the health of people and communities whom we serve. We will understand and respond to the needs of our communities, leverage the strengths of our system, provide a transformational healing presence and collaborate with others who share our values.

Our Values

The core values express our convictions and beliefs. We integrate and affirm these values in all that we do.

Dignity - We believe that human life is sacred and every person will be treated with respect.
Charity - We embrace all who seek our help by bringing God's love and compassionate care.
Justice - We advocate for the needs of all, especially the most vulnerable. We are committed in all our endeavors to be ethical, fair-minded and honest.
Excellence - We hold ourselves accountable to the highest possible standards of clinical and service quality.
Stewardship - We use our resources, both human and financial, in a responsible manner with a special commitment for the care of those who are poor, vulnerable and underserved.



Center for Pediatric Feeding & Swallowing


Better Medicine and Healthier Kids

The Center for Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing is home to a highly specialized, nationally recognized program. Our team of specialists offers a unique, methodical and multidisciplinary approach. Children of all ages may be affected by feeding and swallowing problems. The causes are numerous and include – but are not limited to – birth defects, genetic disorders, food aversions, gastrointestinal disorders, environmental issues, vomiting, respiratory problems, food allergies, trauma, injuries and premature birth.

St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital is the region’s premier healthcare center for treating children from birth to 21 years of age. The focus of the center is the total well-being of the child. We treat the whole child – body, mind and spirit – and recognize that patients and their families are the most important members of the team.

Treating the Whole Child

We are one of a few centers in the world with a full-time medical, behavioral and therapeutic staff dedicated to the assessment and treatment of pediatric feeding and swallowing disorders. The team develops and implements an individualized treatment plan for each child focusing on medical, motor and behavioral issues.

The team also has direct access to consult with colleagues in these services: nutrition, gastroenterology, pulmonology, genetics, radiology, endocrinology, general pediatrics, cardiology, otolaryngology, pediatric neurology, dentistry, respiratory therapy and the craniofacial team.

Feeding and Swallowing Evaluations

Our full-time multidisciplinary team includes:

  • Behavioral Analyst
  • Developmental Pediatrician
  • Feeding Specialists
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Physical Therapist
  • Speech Pathologist
  • Registered Nurse
  • Family Counselor
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Patient Financial Representative

Assessment and Treatment

Since 2000, specialists at the Center for Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing have been evaluating and treating children using a highly individualized approach to care. Most children enter the program as outpatients and day treatment may be recommended when more intensive therapy is required. 

Feeding and swallowing screenings are performed in person or via videoconferencing.

On-site evaluations are hands-on and follow-up sessions are performed via two-way cameras.

Please find the attached Letter for Parents, along with an Intake Form, a Food Diary and a Stool Diary in the “Forms” tab below. These items need to be completed and brought with you at the time of your appointment.


EFEED® is an extension of the outpatient and day treatment programs, designed for those patients who do not require or who have completed on-site day treatment. Here’s how it works:

  • Screening: Children identified as having a possible feeding or swallowing problem can be evaluated at our center in Paterson or screened during a scheduled EFEED® videoconferencing session.
  • Evaluation: Patients accepted into the program (following the screening process) must be seen at the center for an initial hands-on evaluation.
  • Treatment and Follow-up: Once a treatment plan is developed by the team, patients are seen either at the center or during scheduled EFEED® appointments. During EFEED® follow-up sessions, a two-way audiovisual system is supplied by the center to facilitate interaction between families and staff. This direct contact among child study teams, developmental teams, individual teams, individual practitioners and our staff at the center will allow for recommendations and adjustments to be made in real time.

EFEED® is a convenient option for every patient and referral source that accesses our team on an outpatient basis. To learn more, please call 973.754.4322.

The EFEED® Connection, it is all about Access

The Center for Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing provides its services to children around the world through a unique telehealth program called EFEED®. Thanks to interactive, two-way videoconferencing, children from Clinton, New Jersey to Sydney, Australia can be observed on a regular basis in real time by our leading team of feeding and swallowing specialists.

Our approach to care is the same whether we are sitting across the table from a patient or across the country. We recognize that feeding and swallowing disorders are associated with medical, motor and behavioral conditions and look beyond the mouth to uncover and treat the cause. We establish an individual plan for each child and modify it based on his or her medical, motor and behavioral advances. Through EFEED®, these modifications can be made with patients during scheduled dial-in appointments.

Our EFEED® Mission

Our mission is to provide multimedia access to a contemporary and behaviorally based team of professionals to families who have children with complex feeding and swallowing difficulties.

Please find the attached Letter for Parents, along with an Intake Form, a Food Diary and a Stool Diary in the “Forms” tab below. These items need to be completed and brought with you at the time of your appointment.



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