Childbirth/Parent Education

St. Joseph’s University Medical Center provides a variety of classes and resources for those families preparing for the joy of childbirth and parenting.

Online Childbirth Class

Can’t come to class? We can come to you!

Our new online childbirth class is the perfect alternative for busy parents needing a flexible class schedule or for moms on bed rest. Have you given birth before? This online class is a great refresher course! While nothing can replace the personal connection of an on-site childbirth class, you’ll learn the same essential information, including what’s happening to your changing body, how you’ll know when you are really in labor, helpful comfort techniques, advice for partners, an overview of medical procedures, and much more.

Lamaze® Childbirth Education

St. Joseph’s University Medical Center is pleased to provide a series of classes for expectant parents. This program offers Lamaze techniques such as breathing, relaxation, and labor skills. Additional topics covered include newborn care and breastfeeding. We recommend that expectant parents register for this program in the seventh month of pregnancy. 

Private “One-on-One” Lamaze® Class

A personalized approach to Lamaze education, the private classes consist of two sessions, each two-and- a- half hours in duration. The in-home sessions are scheduled at the convenience of the participants and their instructor. Specific client needs can be addressed in the comfort of one’s home. 

Sibling Class

Designed for the big brother or sister-to-be, the Sibling Class offers a specialized age appropriate program for 3 to 9 year olds.

Marvelous Multiples

Designed for those expecting multiples, this class provides practical information for parents, from what to expect in the Labor and Delivery Unit, to life at home with multiple newborns. We recommend that you register for this class in the fourth month of pregnancy.

Pediatric Heart Saver

This American Heart Association course offers child and infant CPR, safety and accident prevention, rescue breathing and choking maneuvers. 

Breastfeeding Class

This two hour class focuses on the many benefits of breastfeeding, and provides hands on demonstrations of breastfeeding techniques. Class participants will learn the most up-to-date information for effective breastfeeding, including proper latch, pumping, returning to work, addressing breastfeeding challenges, and much more! 

Newborn Class

Designed for any individual who will be caring for a baby, the Newborn Class provides basic skills for newborn care, including how to hold a baby, diapering, burping, bathing, and infant safety. 

Infant Massage

Research confirms the importance of nurturing touch in the healthy growth and development of a child. Infant massage has been proven to help relax and decrease stress for baby, relieve discomfort from gas, colic and constipation, normalize muscle tone, stimulate brain development, in addition to promoting bonding and attachment. Parents learn to understand and respond to their baby’s cues and gain confidence in their ability to care for their baby.

This five-week (one hour session each week) course teaches parents nurturing touch through infant massage. Infants up to one year of age are welcome to attend with their parents. This course is taught by a Certified Educator of Infant Massage. 

Boot Camp for New Dads®

Boot Camp for New Dads® is a unique father-to-father, community based workshop that inspires and equips men of different economic levels, ages and cultures to become confidently engaged with their infants, support their mates and personally navigate their transformation into dads. This course can be brought to your location or can be held on our campus. 

Safe Sitter® Baby Sitter Training Course

The Safe Sitter® Program consists of a specific curriculum designed for young people between the ages of 11 to 13. Safe Sitter® improves the welfare of young children by increasing the availability of young adolescents instructed in safe and nurturing childcare techniques. This program enhances the lives of young people by providing the opportunity to acquire competencies in rescue skills, basic first aid, and nurturing, safe childcare techniques. Young people who attend this course emerge as more confident, responsible and compassionate young adults. The instructors thrive on making a difference in the lives of these adolescents and the children entrusted to their care. This program is offered as a one or two day course. We will hold this course at a location that is convenient for your group or at our facility. 


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