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Quality and Safety: The Foundation to St. Joseph’s Health


 St. Joseph’s Health is dedicated to fulfilling its mission of providing high quality and safe health care through its commitment to excellence.

We continually strive for exceptional patient outcomes, reduce risk to patient safety, and deliver services that meet and/or exceed customer needs and adhere to strict regulatory requirements.

We are constantly redesigning systems so that they are safe, efficient, and of the highest quality. We have an obligation to provide excellence in healthcare according to the highest ethical and professional standards.

SJH embraces the mission, vision and values through our strategic plan and promote a cohesive, patient-centered system of care focused on the health and wellness of our communities.

St Joseph Health continually strives to ensure:

  • Treatment provided incorporates evidence-based, effective practices
  • Treatment and services are appropriate to each customer’s needs, and available when needed
  • The risk to customers, providers, and others are minimized
  • Individual needs and expectations are respected
  • Patients and families participate in decisions regarding their treatment, services provided with sensitivity and caring
  • Procedures, treatments, services are rendered in a timely, efficient and equitable manner, with appropriate coordination and continuity across the continuum of care
  • We maintain a strong commitment to safe practices such as:

- Identifying patients correctly
- Prevent hospital acquired infections
- Hand Hygiene
- Ensuring patients are involved in their own care

St. Joseph’s Health prides itself on putting Patients First!

Patient Relations Information

Patient representatives are available to assist patients and families with questions about available services, patient rights and concerns. At St. Joseph’s University Medical Center, patient representatives can be reached by contacting: 973.754.3147 or through a hospital operator. The St. Joseph’s Wayne Medical Center's, a division of St. Joseph’s University Medical Center, patient representatives can be reached by calling: 973.956.3662 or through a hospital operator.

Patients or family members are encouraged to contact the Patient Relations Department if you believe that other members of our team have not addressed your concerns about patient care or patient safety.

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