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Additional Resources

Medela Breastpump Rental (Hospital Grade Pump-"Symphony" used in the hospital):


Ameda Breast pump Rental (Hospital Grade Pump-not used at St.Joseph's Regional Medical Center):


Academy of Pediatrics: Breastfeeding Information


La Leche League:  1.800.LALECHE (1.800.525.3243)


International Lactation Consultants Association:  1.919.861.5577


WIC Breastfeeding Hotline:  973.754.4582


Medela:  1.800.TellYou  (1.880.835.5968)


Ameda:  1.866.99Ameda  (1.866.992.6332)


Click here to download The Beauty of Breastfeeding brochure.


Click here to download a 28-page Breastfeeding Guide.


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