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Dr. Lamacchia and Heather RussellThe Department of Food and Nutrition Services at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital has dedicated Pediatric Nutritionists who serve all clinical areas and provide services such as: nutritional intervention and nutrition assessments, private and group nutrition counseling, patient education, and physician support for individual patient requirements. The department supports many of St. Joseph's off-site locations as well as provides inpatients with a clinically appropriate course of nutrition to meet their needs.


Pediatric Pharmacy Services

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Baby and Gloved HandThe Department of Pharmacy Services provides specialized pediatric services to St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital with a satellite pharmacy dedicated to pediatric inpatient care, as well as a clinical pharmacist for pediatrics and neonatology. As strong advocates for medication safety in this vulnerable population, the Department of Pharmacy Services is committed to ongoing performance improvement to ensure that the best care is delivered to our pediatric and neonatal patients.



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The Department of Radiology continues to provide a variety of x-ray and other imaging services at three separate locations, the newest of which is the St. Joseph’s Ambulatory Imaging Center in Clifton, NJ. In addition to providing MRI, ultrasound, mammography and x-ray services, the Imaging Center also offers a 64-Multislice CT Scanner.


Rehabilitation Services

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Occupational Therapy
The Department of Occupational Therapy (OT) at St. Joseph’s cares for pediatric and adult patients whose lives have been disrupted by physical injury, illness, social, developmental and psychological difficulties. The OT Department focuses on upper extremity impairment and the performance of daily activities. Individualized treatment is formulated to improve the patient’s performance at home, school, sports and work. There are certified hand therapists on staff.


Social Services/Care Management

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Dr. CliffordSocial Services

Social Services specializes in inpatient and outpatient family support. Families are connected with outside community agencies to provide ongoing services.

The staff is involved in many programs and areas throughout the institution, including The Child Development Center, Child Protection and Safety Program, Teen Obstetrical Program, NICU, PICU, General Pediatrics and Adolescent Units, Early Intervention and Dialysis Programs, and Pediatric Hematology/Oncology.


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