SVNH Resident 104 Years Old

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SVNH Resident 104 Years OldPATERSON, NJ [February 8, 2011] – For Carolyn Deni, a resident at St. Vincent's Nursing Home (SVNH), a member of St. Joseph's Healthcare System in Cedar Grove, New Jersey, age isn't a number you hide, but rather one you share – along with the memories of years gone by. At 104 years of age, Ms. Deni has lived a long and exciting life.


Originally of Holyoke, Massachusetts, she is the eldest and only surviving of 9 children born to Sicilian immigrants. From early on, Ms. Deni had a passion for fashion, and worked as a model while still living in Massachusetts. In the early 1940's, she moved to Manhattan, New York, where she worked as a Sales Manager for a stationary company and later as a buyer for Macy's. "My aunt made a bold decision to become a career woman at a time when it wasn't fashionable to do so," says Holly Deni, Ms. Deni's niece. Carolyn Deni never married and never had any children. She lived in Manhattan alone until she was 99 years old – over 50 years – before moving to SVNH in New Jersey. When asked the secret to her longevity, Ms. Deni replied, "You just have to keep going – stay on the move."


Pictured with Ms. Deni in celebration of her birthday are (left to right) Rachelle Dume, CNA, SVNH; Terry Scartelli, RN, SVNH; Holly Deni; and Kimberly Zorzoris, Director, Activities, SVNH.


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