Celebrating Everyday Heroes at SJWH

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Everyday_Heroes_Tiffany_Ba_copyWAYNE, NJ [August 6, 2009] – Take a moment to think of your most memorable vacation. The one that you will never forget for years to come. What about that vacation made it stand out in your mind more than any other? For Tiffany Baker, Surgical Tech in the Operating Room at St. Joseph's Wayne Hospital, one very unique detail about her most recent vacation, has made it one that she will never forget: She saved someone's life. While out one day, she heard a commotion and noticed a large crowd of people beginning to gather.

When she approached the crowd she saw a young child, about 2 years old, lying on the floor face down. As she drew closer, she noticed that the child was beginning to turn blue. Tiffany's instincts kicked in and she kneeled beside the child to check for vital signs. When she realized the child was not breathing, she immediately began administering CPR, and was able to stabilize the child until emergency medical personnel arrived. "Not for a moment did I hesitate to do something, especially once I realized the severity of the child's condition," said Tiffany. "As a healthcare professional, I knew that it was my responsibility to help in whatever way I could. It was just the right thing to do."


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