Everyday Heroes at SJWH

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everyday heroes_webPATERSON, NJ [MAY 18, 2009]- When Florence Miller, sat down for breakfast in her St. Joseph's Wayne Hospital (SJWH) patient room, she never imagined what would happen next. While eating her bagel that morning, a piece became lodged in her throat. She tried drinking something, and then coughing to get the piece of food to move, but to no success.


Luckily for Mrs. Miller, Rodney Smith, a Patient Transporter who has been an employee at SJWH for the past 5 years, was passing by her room. "Her roommate caught my attention, so I walked in the room to see what was happening. When I realized that Mrs. Miller was choking, I didn't hesitate for a second to help her," says Rodney, whose humility and attention to patient care defines the very essence of a St. Joseph's employee.


Thanks to Rodney's quick actions, Mrs. Miller is doing exceptionally well, and according to her, "I love St. Joseph's! Words cannot express how thankful I am to Rodney for saving my life."


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