Superheroes Pay Special Visit to St. Joseph's Children's Hospital

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Superheros Visit SJCHDeleon high-fiving Spider-Man through the fourth floor window at St. Joseph's Children's Hospital
Superheroes visited St. Joseph's Children's Hospital on Monday, September 17th. They took a break from their busy, crime-stopping schedule to wash windows and say hello to those in the pediatric units.

Michael Lamacchia, MD, Chairman, Pediatrics, St. Joseph's Children's Hospital, was pleased with how the event unfolded, "The window washer superheroes have really done a great job. They have really gotten involved with the kids." Lamacchia continued, "They [the children] expect to see doctors, nurses and everyone else, but never superheroes. This is something really special for them."

St. Joseph's window washing vendor, Premier Building Services, sent Enrique Naranjo (Batman), Juan Elizondo (Spider-Man) and Fabio Elizondo (Superman) to make this window washing visit a special treat for the patients at St. Joseph's Children's Hospital. Naranjo and Juan Elizondo repelled down from the roof to wave, blow kisses, and high-five the surprised children, parents and St. Joseph's staff, while Fabio Elizondo, standing on the rooftop, entertained those passing by.

Bryan Deleon (age 6, Bergenfield) coincidently sported a Spider-Man t-shirt. His eyes lit up as he interacted with the Spidey and remained glued to the window until Spidey and Batman swung to the next rooms.

Annetta Yacoub (age 6, Woodland Park) held her hand against the window for the majority of the visit as Batman mirrored her movement. Standing with her mother, Yacoub, like Deleon, could not get enough of the visit from the superheroes.

Naranjo, Elizondo and Elizondo truly made this a special and unforgettable day for the children at St. Joseph's Children's Hospital. Hats off to Premier Building Services for swooping in to make this event so special.



Click here to see coverage of the event provided by News 12 New Jersey.


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