First in NJ: Endoscopy Procedure to Remove an Eroded Lap Band

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Paterson, NJ [November 5, 2012] — Lap band surgery is one of the safest weight loss surgeries available, but in 2−14 percent of patients, the device can erode into the stomach and cause pain and requires surgical removal. Sohail N. Shaikh, MD, at St. Joseph's Healthcare System, is the first physician in New Jersey to remove an eroded lap band using endoscopic technology, a nonsurgical intervention. To date, there has been only a handful such procedures done nationally.


A female patient from New Jersey had the lap band put in about six years ago. For the past year, she had been in pain and had difficulty eating. Her gastroenterologist confirmed the imbedded lap band with an endoscopy. Because of Dr. Shaikh's expertise in endoscopic procedures, he was asked to intervene.


Dr. Shaikh is an interventional gastroenterologist with extensive knowledge in internal medicine, bariatric and developmental gastroenterology, and advanced endoscopy. As one of the leaders in his field, he is able to address the very serious and life-threatening conditions that may occur due to bariatric surgery or complications from cancers or ulcers in the abdomen.


"By using minimally invasive techniques, the patient can go home earlier, in little if any pain, and with less risk of complications," says Dr. Shaikh. "In this case, using endoscopy and state-of-the-art techniques, we were able to remove the eroded lap band without major surgery, which would have meant days in the hospital and possibly weeks of recovery. The patient was home in less than 24 hours, ready to get back to her life—pain-free."


For more information about the full range of advanced gastroenterology services, including unique minimally invasive techniques available at St. Joseph's Healthcare System, please visit www.StJosephsHealth.org or call 877.757.SJHS (7547).


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